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The animated adaptation based on the manga Boku no Hero Academia  by  Kohei Horikoshi , recently revealed through its official website a new and interesting promotional video of the fifth season of the series, which stands out for being carried out by the students of the classes 1-A and 1-B. In addition, the video reveals a small fragment of the song » No.1 » (performed by DISH ) that will give life to the opening of the series, as well as a sample of the song » Ashiato » (it will be performed by the famous group » The Peggies «) that will bring life to the ending of it. 

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 New  promotional video

Release date:

It was recently confirmed that the fifth installment of the animated adaptation will make its debut on March 27, 2021.

A new movie:

It is worth mentioning that on November 23, the making of a new animated film was confirmed; and was presented with a promotional image, which enunciates the phrase He will meet «The Three Musketeers » (Meet «The three musketeers»).

For more information on the third film in the franchise, click here .

The anime:

On the other hand, the anime has 4 seasons in charge of the BONES studio , which were respectively launched consecutively in April 2016, April 1017, April 2018, and finally the most recent season of the series premiered on April  12. October , and had a total of  25 episodes, covering the arc of the «Cultural Festival» that begins in the nineteenth volume of the work.

In addition, on April 4, the launch of a fifth season of the anime was confirmed.

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The work and its adaptations:

In July 2014, the publication of the manga began through  Weekly Shonen Jump,  and the twenty-first compiled volume of the work went on sale on December 4. An  OVA  was included in the thirteenth and fourth volumes. Likewise, a spin-off manga has been developed  , entitled Vigilante:  Boku no Hero Academia Illegals , which together with the main manga add up to 17 million copies in circulation to date.

The premiere of the first season occurred in April 2016 with a number of 13 episodes. On the other hand, the second season made its debut with a compilation chapter of its first installment on March 25, 2017. Days later, the new episodes were released, which were 25 in total. Finally, on April 7, 2018, the third part of the anime was released.

As for the films, the first of them, titled  Boku no Hero Academia The Movie: Futari no Hero , was released on August 3, 2018; and the second,  Boku no Hero Academia The Movie: HEROES RISING,  will make its debut in Japanese theaters at the end of this year (December 20).

Boku no Hero Academia: Sexy

Boku no Hero Academia Synopsis :

The story takes place in a world where 80% of the population has developed «gifts», thus emerging heroes and villains, just as in the comics, among the 20% of people without superpowers is Izuku Midoriya, whose greatest desire is power study at UA and become a hero like your idol All Might.

One day, after meeting All Might personally, he offers to inherit his powers by seeing Midoriya’s great determination even though he has no powers; Since then, Midoriya agrees and begins to study at the UA; where you make new friends, meet other professional heroes, learn to master their powers, and even take on real villains.

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